What People Are Saying About Lulu's

This place is great! I brought my daughter here for her 1st haircut when she was a year and a half. The stylist recommended a cute cut - I took her advice and was so happy with the result. She looked adorable. And it's grown-in remarkably well. My daughter is now 3 and I can't believe how nice it still looks. We'll definitely be going back.

Dolores and the others at Lulu's Kids Cuts (Salon 2323) relate to children beautifully, and the haircuts show it. My 2-yr-old daughter has always felt at ease and loves to look at the box of little animals while they cut her hair, and we've received so many compliments on her haircut and how nicely it frames her sweet little face. The cuts are elegant and classic, and not the usual trim with bangs you get most places. Definitely worth the price!

Dolores has been cutting my son's hair for several years (he is now 4). He won't let anyone else near his hair. She is very gentle and kind, and I think he picks up on that. Also, she gives him a great cut, which looks good even after it's been grown out. I took my son to [another place] once, and it was over-stimulating, tacky and he got a lousy crooked cut to boot. Never again. This place has comparable prices, and is a much classier, nicer place. It's also a good place for grown ups…My entire family goes there.

We have been bringing our four year old to Lulu's since she was two. Her hair is beautifully trimmed and shaped and it continues to look great longer than the assembly-line kids hair cut places. We live in Maynard and it is so worth the drive!

Just took my 6-year-old daughter for a first professional cut and we were very pleased with the experience, the stylist (Dolores), and the salon atmosphere (tranquil). I'm not interested in one of the chains that caters to kids, because they sound over-stimulating and kind of annoying. My daughter was perfectly content to get the 'treatment' and didn't need any coaxing.

We've taken our toddler to Lulu's twice now, and we've been really happy with it. It is expensive, but the cuts look better longer compared to other places we've been. The atmosphere is quiet and calm (two things that our daughter really appreciates), unlike the zoo that is [another place]. 'Kids like to act like kids' is another way of saying 'We like places that let bratty kids run wild.' No thanks.

Lulu's kids cuts and 2323 Salon at 2323 Mass Ave in Cambridge provides a relaxed environment for adults and children's haircuts. Even though I don't have kids, I like the fact that the place is flexible with ... a place for kids to play downstairs. I get the best cut and color for my hair that I have ever gotten. The kids who come in always leave looking even cuter than when they arrived!

LuLu's Family Cuts is a children's hair salon with a well-trained staff who love kids. Lulu's offers a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that puts children and parents at ease. There is a playroom to play in and a ring pop or sticker after each cut.

Truth be told, when I called to make the appointment I nearly backed out based on the price ($25; cash or check only), but it was worth it. Laurel got a great haircut, and the atmosphere was relaxed and pretty... yet kid-friendly, with fun patterned smocks, a playroom downstairs, and ring at the end.

Dolores has been cutting my son’s hair for several years (he is now 4). He won’t let anyone else near his hair.